14 people lost their lives today in Turkana County.
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Turkana: 14 people die as lorry veers off the road to avoid hitting camel

14 people lost their lives in a rare road accident involving a truck and a camel along the Lodwar-Kakuma Road in Turkana County.

According to a police report seen by Weka News, the accident took place at around 10pm at Kakwamunyem area.

“It happened that the motor vehicle (an Isuzu NPR lorry Reg no. KCH 632 B) was being driven towards Kakuma general direction and upon reaching at the location of the accident there was a camel that was crossing the road from left to right,” says the report from Lodwar Police Station.

The truck was transporting a large load of consumer goods and 26 passengers. As per the police report, the driver, David Ekitela Etire, aged 33, veered off course in an effort to avoid hitting the camel.

“Due to the heavy weight of the vehicle from the goods in it and the passengers, he then lost control of the vehicle and it overturned and landed in a culvert on the right side of the road,” the report adds.

The fatalities include 8 females, 3 males, and 3 children. A number of individuals were severely hurt in the accident which also caused substantial damage to the truck.

The injured were moved to Lodwar County and Referral Hospital for medical attention, while the deceased were taken to the hospital’s morgue.

The truck has been towed to Lodwar Police Station as the investigation continues.