Veteran Theologian Rev. Timothy Njoya. PHOTO:COURTESY
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Rev. Timothy Njoya suggests that President Uhuru mediates the tension between Raila and Ruto.

Retired Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) minister and veteran theologian, Rev. Timothy Njoya, has suggested that former President Uhuru Kenyatta should intervene and mediate the ongoing tension between his successor, William Ruto, and Azimio La Umoja leader, Raila Odinga.

After losing a closely contested presidential race to Ruto in August of last year, Odinga has been traveling across the country to rally support in opposition to President Ruto’s regime.

The former premier continues to assert that the elections were manipulated in favor of the former deputy president and insists that Ruto, along with all other leaders in the government, should resign.

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Rev. Njoya, who actively opposed Kenya’s former president Daniel Moi’s single party politics, compared the current political landscape to a football match, stating that the “game” lacks both a referee and rules.

He further expressed that in Kenya’s current political climate, there are two main parties: Raila Luo-Kamba football federation versus Ruto’s Kikuyu-Kalenjin federation, and without a referee to oversee the match, the game remains unregulated. He believes it is crucial for the parties to have a referee to help mediate the ongoing tension between them.

Njoya emphasized that Kenyans worked hard to establish an equitable playing field in politics, and therefore proposed that Kenyatta be invited to oversee the “game” and help mediate the conflict between the two major political parties in the country.

He noted that an impartial referee is necessary to ensure fair play in politics, and suggested that President Uhuru Kenyatta would be the ideal choice for the role, given his reputation for mediating conflicts in other countries, such as his involvement in the DR Congo crisis. He also acknowledged that Uhuru was appointed by Ruto for that mission, further underscoring the President’s ability to remain unbiased in mediating political tension.

Retired President Kenyatta currently serves as the facilitator of the EAC-led Nairobi Process, aimed at restoring peace and stability in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. As part of his role, he has been leading a delegation in discussions to address the security challenges in the troubled Central African country.

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“He has gone as a Kenyan, not as a leader of any party. He reconciles places like Somalia. What he is doing, he should be doing in Kenya,” Njoya said.

Njoya suggested that the church could play a role in encouraging Kenyatta to serve as a mediator by sending representatives to Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Kenya’s pioneer First Lady and the retired President’s mother, to persuade her son to take up the position.

“Who can tell him that? He can only be told by the church, which can go and tell Mama Ngina, who is the mother of the nation, to go and tell her son that he is an elder statesman as a former president. He should be now refereeing the game because he has been there,” said Njoya.