Comedian Eric Omondi with protesters outside Parliament Buildings.
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Comedian Eric Omondi apprehended outside Parliament.

The comedian Eric Omondi has been arrested amid a protest outside Parliament buildings in Nairobi.

Omondi had been leading a group of muscular, bare-chested young men in demanding that the government reduce the cost of living.

Doning black shorts and shirtless, the young demonstrators had caused a disruption in the vicinity of parliament, drawing crowds of curious onlookers. Despite the police ordering the group to disperse, they refused, leading to the use of tear gas by law enforcement.

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In the ensuing chaos, Eric Omondi was taken into police custody, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

The shirtless demonstrators held up placards with messages such as “high cost of living”, “high cost of electricity”, and “high taxi fares”, among other slogans.

This isn’t the first time the comedian has led a protest at the Parliament buildings. In February 2022, Omondi chained himself inside a cube with a striking sign reading “Play 75 percent.”

During his last demonstration in February 2022, the comedian had called for parliamentary attention to address the issue of local music receiving at least 75 percent of airplay in the country.

To this end, Omondi had announced his intention to go on a hunger strike, vowing to stay put until lawmakers discussed the matter.

Before that, in November 2021, Omondi had also been arrested at the same location for leading a protest aimed at pressuring parliament to pass legislation requiring 75% of Kenyan music to be played on the airwaves.

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