Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has called for the removal of Azimio remnants in government.
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Azimio remnants in the government should be shown the door-Nandi Senator Cherargei.

Nandi Senator Cherargei has called for the removal of members of the Azimio La Umoja coalition from the government, citing their lack of support for President William Ruto’s leadership.

Cherargei has advocated for the removal of all Azimio remnants in public service to prevent President Ruto’s plans from being jeopardized.

According to him, this propasal has already been put into action in the selection of Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) and Principal Secretaries (PSs), and should also apply to other levels of government.

“In this government, there are still very many remnants of Azimio One Kenya Alliance in senior positions and they should be shown the door. There is no option,” he said speaking on Spice FM.

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The Nandi legislator further argued that it is pointless to have public servants who work under a president they oppose, and they should be replaced with those who support the President’s vision.

“These are people that were known to not respect the president when he was the deputy, they campaigned for the other candidate but how can you serve under me when you did not believe in my vision,” said Cherargei.

“That is why you will see sabotage here and there and in my opinion, to be honest, get people who believe in your vision. Let the remnants of Azimio who are within the system be cleaned so that when the president delivers he does so on a clean slate where people believe in it and there is no two-way about it.”

He further stated that if the tables were turned and President Ruto lost in the polls, the same thing would happen to Kenya Kwanza members.

“Even if Azimio had won he would also be cleaning up the system to get the remnants of people who were purpoted or thought to be friends of William Ruto and that is the tradition,” he said.

“Let the president get the people who believe in his vision and stood with him, are his loyalists and campaigned for him and that is the way his agenda can move forward.”

Senator Cherargei calls for the repeal of the law granting tax exemptions to Kenyatta and Moi estates.

It is important to note that such statements by government officials go against the principles of inclusivity, non-discrimination, and fair representation that are essential in a democratic society.

All citizens, regardless of their political affiliations, have the right to participate in government and hold public offices as long as they meet the qualifications and requirements for the positions.

Discriminating against individuals based on their political beliefs is a violation of their human rights and undermines the democratic ideals that Kenya upholds.