President Ruto during the launch of Nairobi River Commission at Korogocho.
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President Ruto dismisses Raila’s calls for mass action.

President Ruto has criticized opposition leader Raila Odinga, for his recent comments about organizing mass action if the government fails to reduce the cost of living.

He said this during the official launch of the Nairobi River Commission at Korogocho in Nairobi on Wednesday where he spoke out against Raila, and made it clear that the government would not be intimidated by his threats.

The Head of State dismissed the opposition team’s threats, stating that they were free to organize as many rallies as they wanted, but his administration would remain firm and resolute.

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“I want to tell my brothers, relax, na wasituuzie uoga, sisi si watu wa kuuziwa uoga. Kila Mkenya ako na haki katika taifa letu la Kenya na malengo yetu ni kuhakikisha Kenya inaenda mbele,” he said.

“Hao majamaa watulize boli. Ati wanataka kututisha na maandamano, watafanya maandamano mpaka wachoke (they want to threaten us with demonstration. They will demonstrate until they get tired).”

The President restated his commitment to ensuring that all citizens in the country adhere to the law and respect the Constitution.

“As the President, I am going to make sure we avoid and banish impunity; there is nobody who is going to threaten Kenya with impunity. Everybody must respect the law and this country will be governed by the rule of law,” the President said.

“Kenya is going to be a country run on the basis of the rule of law and the Constitution and all citizens have an equal opportunity and no citizen is greater than another.”

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Regarding the issue of the cost of living, the President dismissed the accusations made by the Azimio la Umoja coalition, stating that they were guilty of double speak and were themselves responsible for the struggling economy, having been part of the previous government.

“Nataka niwaambie wale majamaa, mlikuwa na miaka tano ya handshake na mambo yenu, bei ya unga ikafika 230 sahi tumeteremsha imefika 180. Watupatie nafasi itafika 140 alafu 120…wawache kimbelembele, walikuwa na nafasi ya wakaharibu,” the President stated.

The President’s remarks were made in response to Odinga’s earlier threat to stage nationwide demonstrations if the government failed to reduce the cost of living within the next two weeks.