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Akothee wedding causes standstill online

Akothee’s wedding to her lover Omoshi was the talk of the town. Indeed, the mother of five is loved and hated in equal measure, so it’s no surprise how many people hope her marriage doesn’t last.

During the classic 105 morning chat, Kenyans shared their thoughts on what they think. Will the marriage last? Here are their honest opinions.

*Tony says Akothee will only live if she finds Jesus and gives him a chance in her life “He is very stubborn. I like his brain but hate his character, looking at him only Jesus Christ can help him. Give him a few months. She is a very unique woman, if you don’t add value to her life and you don’t have money, she will leave.

*Mike added that for Akothee, bagging rich men is her thing.“We have already seen him in these matters and therefore his marriage cannot continue. He’s in business.” Angela says Kenyans are just jealous of Akothee and what she has been able to achieve.