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Germany prepares new weapons package for Ukraine

Germany has announced a weapons package for Ukraine woth Ksh. 405 billion. The package is likely to include a range of military equipment, such as weapons systems, ammunition, and support equipment.

The decision by Germany is likely to generate significant political debate and scrutiny, given the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine and Ukraine’s strategic position in the region.

“We all hope for a rapid end to this terrible war by Russia against the Ukrainian people, but unfortunately this is not in sight,” Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said in a statement.

“This is why Germany will supply all the help that it can, for as long as necessary.”


The German Defence MInistry announced that the new weapons package for Ukraine will be worth $3 billion and will include additional Leopard-1 tanks, Marder armoured vehicles, air-defence systems and surveillance drones.

According to Der Spiegel Magazine, this would be Germany’s largest arms sale to Ukraine since the outbreak of the war.

The decision to sell these weapons comes hours after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Rome for talks with political leaders on Saturday, which could be followed by a trip to Berlin.

While German officials have not confirmed Zelensky’s visit, Berlin police have launched an inquiry after details of a possible trip attributed to the force appeared in the media.

Western allies have been delivering increasingly powerful weapons to Kyiv since Russia sent its forces into Ukraine in February 2022, although they have not yet provided the advanced fighter jets that Zelensky has requested.

In 2021, Germany provided military support worth two billion euros and had allocated 2.2 billion euros for this year, though the details had not yet been finalised.

Berlin has also promised to supply its more advanced Leopard-2 tanks and has started training Ukrainian soldiers on their use.

The sale of arms and weapons packages between countries is a controversial topic and subject to much debate and scrutiny, given its potential contribution to armed conflicts and human rights violations.