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President Museveni threatens action following killing of Ugandans by Kenyan Turkanas

Ugandan President Museveni has expressed strong concerns and issued a threat of severe action following the death of five Ugandans, whom he claims were killed by bandits from Kenya.

In an Executive Order, Museveni warned that if the directives he issued are not followed within six months, he would consider expelling all Kenyan Turkanas from Uganda.

According to a statement, the Ugandans were allegedly killed by Turkana pastoralists who have settled in the vicinity of Kobebe dam.

The victims, consisting of three geologists, one of whom was an intern from Makerere University, and two officers from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), were discovered deceased in the Karamoja region on May 22. They were reportedly conducting a mineral mapping exercise in that area.


President Museveni’s demands include the disarmament of Turkanas entering Uganda, the return of allegedly stolen cattle, and the apprehension of the bandits responsible for the killing of the Ugandans.

“I now direct that this Turkana nonsense must stop…I give the Turkana population 6 months to implement my directives. If, however, the issue of the guns illegally entering Uganda, the hand-over of the criminals who killed our Geologists, or the use of traditional justice and return of the stolen cattle are not resolved, I will have no alternative but to expell all the Kenyan Turkanas and their cattle and they will never be allowed to re-enter Uganda with their cattle,” part of the order reads.

President Museveni expressed his anger, stating that despite his explicit orders prohibiting pastoralists from carrying firearms, they have disregarded his instructions and resorted to attacking nearby communities while also engaging in livestock theft.

“Long ago, I ordered these Turkanas to never bring guns into Uganda. They should just come and graze their cattle minus being armed. They, however, do not listen to this,” he said.

“Instead, they raid our disarmed Karamojong, kill people, rape, etc. They are said to have raided 2,245 cattle from the Jie.”

President Museveni consequently insisted that the suspects be surrendered to the Ugandan authorities to face murder charges. He also called for the suspects to provide compensation to the families of the victims through the traditional practice of Kukaraba, which involves a ritualized blood settlement.

“The price of the Kukaraba cannot be the traditional one, of a few cows. It must be adjusted to the full value of what the deceased would have contributed in his/her life, which life was cut short by those criminals,” He said.

President Museveni demanded that the suspects return the livestock they are accused of stealing making it clear that no pastoralist from the Turkana community should enter Uganda while armed. Any individual found in violation of this order would be subject to arrest and charged with terrorism.