Makueni Senator Dan Maanzo

Senator Maanzo: No MP will vote for Finance Bill 2023 if done on secret ballot

Makueni Senator Dan Maanzo expressed his belief that MPs would vote against the controversial Finance Bill 2023 if it weren’t for the close scrutiny of President William Ruto.

According to the Makueni Senator, the MPs from the Kenya Kwanza faction are feeling pressured due to President Ruto’s statement that he is closely monitoring the bill’s progress and observing who will vote against it.

During a live interview at Daybreak show on Tuesday, Senator Maanzo stated that if the voting were conducted through a secret ballot, all MPs would oppose the bill since they do not agree with its provisions.


“If it goes on a secret ballot no one will vote for this bill. But because the President is saying ‘I am watching you, vote NO I deal with you on the ground.’ There is a big problem there, it’s like slavery,” he said.

Senator Maanzo also emphasized that Kenya Kwanza leaders, as well as the general public and Azimio la Umoja coalition leaders, are equally perplexed by the proposals outlined in the bill.

“The people are ahead of the Members of Parliament, Azimio, Kenya Kwanza and they are very upset,” he said.

Maanzo also stated that they are supporting Busia County Senator Okiya Omtatah’s legal case, which challenges certain sections of the bill. Omtatah argues that these sections pose a threat to the right to property, access to justice, and overall violate the Constitution.

“There are six points of illegalities and if they don’t correct it on the floor of the House. We want Kenyans to watch which MPs are betrayers of the people who elected them.”

Meanwhile, Azimio la Umoja coalition has indicated their intention to resume anti-government protests if the contentious Finance Bill 2023 is not reconsidered. The coalition believes that the bill requires further review and changes to address their concerns.

The 2023/24 budget is scheduled to be presented before Parliament on June 15.