President William Ruto

National Prayer Breakfast 2023: Ruto Makes Fun of Uhuru

President Ruto reflected on his experience as an outsider within the previous government while service as Deputy President in the National Prayer Breakfast 2023.

The President highlighted the shift in dynamics following the elections. Taking a lightherated jab at his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta, Ruto fondly recollected a moment from the 2022 prayer breakfast, held just months before the General Election, where he humorously sought forgiveness from his boss.

“I remember the last prayer breakfast here was around the same. I remember asking for forgiveness from my friend Uhuru Kenyatta. It is interesting that today we are again discussing the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation,” the President said.


Describing the recent election as a tightly contested affair, the President discussed the significant shift in circumstances that occurred following the conclusion of the General Election.

“It only happens in Kenya that in our last election, the opposition leader became the government candidate, and the sitting deputy president became the opposition candidate,” he said.

Ruto went on to humorously reference his victory over Raila Odinga, who was the Kenyatta’s preeferred candidate, playfully highlighting the transformation of the then president into an opposition leader.

“The opposition candidate won the election and the sitting president then handed over power to his deputy. And went ahead to become the leader of the opposition party. That only happens in Kenya,” he said.

Kenyatta is still Jubilee’s party leader and he recently made a statement affirming his commitment to remain active in politics.

According to Ruto, the 2022 General Election marked a significant milestone for Kenya, as opposing political parties not only had their differences but also found a common ground on crucial matters noting that the election was peaceful.

“The ethnic configuration that always informed our politics was not there. We had both sides presenting a national face in their formation,” he added.

Discussions surrounding the strained relationship between President William Ruto and his predecessor took prominence during the Prayer Breakfast, which aimed to foster reconciliation among Kenyans.

The event shed light on the need to address and mend the rift between the two, emphasizing the significance of unity and harmony in the nation.

“The last prayer breakfast here was a very toxic affair full of tension and hatred. The President (Ruto) could not sit at the same table with his boss,” Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua said.

“Many of us who work around him have great difficulties with that approach but along the way, he persuaded us that reconciliation is the way to go for the betterment of this country.”