ICT CAS Dennis Itumbi
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DPP Withdraws Dennis Itumbi Assassination Case

The case involving ICT CAS and former State House Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has been withdrawn by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).

The case centered around allegations that Itumbi forged a letter in 2019, claiming a plot to assassinate the then Deputy President William Ruto.

The ODPP stated that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the prosecution, deeming the case against Itumbi and Samuel Gateri unconstitutional.

The court, in acquitting Itumbi and Gateri, declared the entire prosecution process as a violation of the constitution.

Itumbi faced three charges in the case, including the creation of a false document, dissemination of false information, and tampering with his mobile phone. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The forged letter attributed to Itumbi alleged that a group of high-ranking government officials within former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration held a meeting at La Mada Hotel, situated off Thika Road in Nairobi, with the purported intention of planning Deputy President Ruto’s assassination.

The letter was shared in a WhatsApp Group called Tanga Tanga movement and Itumbi was subsequently arrested and charged.