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Lions In Thange: Stray Lion Causes Fear Among Residents

Lions In Thange: Residents of Thange Village, Kibwezi subcounty of Makueni County are currently gripped by fear as a stray lion continues to wander through the area for the past two weeks.

Distressed residents reported multiple incidents where the lion has claimed the lives of several goals, a donkey, a dog, and a sheep, causing significant distress among local families.

The escalating concern revolves around the potential danger posed by the lion, as there are fears that if prompt action is not taken, it may resort to attacking human beings in the near future.

Joseph Kavutha, a farmer in the area, has expressed his concern about the situation.

“We fear this lion will kill one of us if action is not taken. We have informed Kenya Wildlife officers, but they haven’t taken any action,” he said.

The lion is belived to have ventured into the area from the renowned wildlife habitat of Tsavo East. The region has a history of wildlife encroachments, with elephants and hyenas already causing sleepless nights for the residents.

KWS said that they are actively involved in efforts to capture the animal. However, the local residents express concerns over the lack of action from the wildlife agency, despite the lion’s prolonged presence in the vicinity.

Residents have found themselves in a state of panic as a result of situation and many have opted to stay indoors, particularly during nighttime. Some people have taken precautions by carrying sticks and other makeshift weapons to safeguard themselves.

The KWS appealed for calm among the residents, advising them not to confront the lion if they come across it and instead promptly report any sightings to the authorities for appropriate action.