DP Gachagua (left) and President Ruto in a campaign trail.
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SRC Proposes Pay Rise For President Ruto, DP Gachagua and MPs

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has proposed a pay rise for President Ruto, DP Gachagua. The suggested increment averages around 14%.

The proposal is expected to generate public controversy as SRC aims to increase the President’s salary from the current amount of Ksh. 1,433,750 to Ksh. 1,650,000, while the Deputy President’s salary would rise from Ksh. 1,227,188 to Ksh. 1,402,500.

In a circular released by SRC on Thursday, it was stated that the proposed salary adjustments would be implemented gradually over the next two financial years, specifically from 2023/2024 to 2024/2025, starting next month.

If approved, the remuneration for Cabinet Secretaries, Attorney General, Head of Public Service, and Secretary to the Cabinet will also experience an increase, rising from the current Ksh. 924,000 to Ksh. 1,056,000.


As stated in the circular, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) emphasizes that the proposed salary increase aligns with its mandate as outlined in Article 230(4) (a) of the Constitution.

The Commission has established a four-year review cycle for remuneration and benefits in the public service. The initial cycle encompassed the period from 2013/14 to 2016/17, while the second cycle covered 2017/18 to 2020/21. The ongoing third remuneration review cycle spans the financial years 2021/22 to 2024/25.

Other State Officers expected to benefit from the proposed pay rise include Principal Secretaries, Speakers of the Bicameral Parliament, leaders of the Majority and Minority, Chief Justice, Judges, Magistrates, Governors, as well as Chairpersons of Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices.

Before the draft changes can be officially gazetted and implemented, they will undergo a process of public participation to ensure that stakeholders have the opportunity to provide their input and feedback.