Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen speaking during a meeting at the Ministry Headquarters with Nakuru County Leaders. PHOTO| COURTESY
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CS Murkomen wants PSVs and school buses fitted with Dash Cams and GPS

Transport CS Murkomen is advocating for the mandatory installation of dash cameras and GPS trackers in all Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) and school buses to address the alarming rate of road accidents in the country. The proposal comes in response to a tragic accident that took place at Londiani Junction in Kericho County on June 30, resulting in the loss of 52 lives.

During a memorial service for the victims of the Londiani accident in Kericho, CS Murkomen announced that his ministry intends to introduce a series of new regulations aimed at preventing future deadly accidents.

“We have decided as a ministry that we will issue new regulations. We want all commercial, PSV vehicles and school buses to be fitted with dashboard cameras and visual telematics,” he said.

CS Murkomen also stated the importance of GPS trackers and black boxes as essential tools for maintaining comprehensive records of vehicle speeds and travel routes. These technologies, according to CS Murkomen, will play a vital role in monitoring and documenting the speeds at which vehicles are traveling and the specific locations they have traversed.

“GPS systems will show where a vehicle will be at any particular time, the black box recorder will be transmitting the speed of every vehicle at any given time, show the location of that vehicle, when and who maintained the vehicle and show where the vehicle was serviced,” CS Murkomen added.

He also added that every matatu sacco will be provided with an application to host the system. The application will enable the effective implementation and management of the proposed GPS tracking and black box system.


The CS further highlighted the necessity of installing cameras at the front and back of all vehicles to monitor both passengers and drivers. The cameras will serve as an additional measure to enhance safety and ensure responsible behavior within the public transport system.

“Michuki pushed for speed governors and Murkomen is pushing for having all your vehicles have cameras and there is no excuse. I have seen the prices of these cameras and they do not cost more than Ksh. 30,000.”

In addition to the aforementioned measures, CS Murkomen issued an order for the relocation of markets situated near road reserves.

At a previous visit to the accident site, CS Murkomen also instructed a review of the speed limits in the area and the installation of speed bumps and signage as necessary precautions. The actions are intended to improve road safety and mitigate the likelihood of future accidents.

The CS further directed relevant agencies under the Ministry of Transport, including the National Safety and Transport Authority (NTSA) and the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), to install speed detection cameras in high-risk areas.

“NTSA to include the dangerous section as one of the spots to install speed detection cameras, especially in the upcoming pilot phase, to support the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations,” he stated.

The NTSA was instructed to intensify anti-drunk driving operations nationwide. The initiative seeks to combat the issue of driving under the influence of alcohol, which poses a significant risk to road users.