Richard Turere
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Richard Turere Wins The Prestigious Young Inventor Award In Spain

Richard Turere, commonly know as the “man of lion’s light,” has gained international recognition as Kenya’s youngest remarkable inventor.

At just 22 years old, he received special recognition in the under-30 inventor category for his groundbreaking creation-an innovative system that utilizes light sequencing to protect livestock from lions and other predators, ensuring their safety without endangering the critically endangered lion population.

Turere first purchased the solar-powered Lions Light system when he was only 11 years old to safeguard his father’s livestock and preserve both their livelihood and the local wildlife.

His invention has seen been adapted and implemented in various African countries, as well as in India and Argentina. While the Lions Light system primarily relies on solar energy, it can also utilize wind power as a supplementary source during cloudy weather or when sunlight is limited.

In his acceptance speech, Turere dedicated his victory to hardworking Africans, saying, “I am very happy, and this is for Africans who work hard every day and never give up,” tears in his eyes.


Turere’s invention comes at a crucial time. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the African lion population has declined by 43% over the past two decades, with an estimated 20,000 lions remaining across the continent.

Richard Turere emerged as the winner of the Young Inventors Prize’s second edition, with Filipa and Fionn securing the first and second runners up positions respectively. This esteemed prize, established by the European Patent Office (EPO), aims to inspire the next generation of inventors by recognizing young innovators under the age of 30 who have developed technological solutions to combat global poverty and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Turere’s invention aligns with UN SDG 15: Life on Land, which focuses on the conservation, restoration, and promotion of terrestrial ecosystems.

The European Patent Office’s awards ceremony in Valencia, Spain, unveiled the winners of various categories and prizes, including Industry, SMEs, Research, Non-EPO Countries, lifetime achievement, the Young Inventors Prizem and the Popular Prize (determined by public vote), as part of the annual European Inventor Award.