Opposition leader Raila Odinga addresses a crowd at Nairobi's Central Business District on July 10, 2023. | PHOTO:@RailaOdinga/Twitter
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“We have collected 1.2 Million Signatures So Far,” Raila Odinga

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party Leader Raila Odinga has stated that the signature collection drive he launched last Friday to remove President William Ruto has fetched over 1.2 million stamps so far.

Odinga spoke in Nairobi during the launch of a digital signature collection platform to supplement his ambitious plan which according to him will withdraw delegated powers to culminate into a referendum to impeach President William Ruto.

“We thank the 1.2 million people who have signed so far,” Odinga told a press conference after unveiling the portal dubbed “Tumechoka.”

He said the digital platform will run alongside the physical signature collection and complement other avenues the opposition embarked on to air their grievances, which includes civil disobedience, tax boycott and defiance.


“Kenya Kwanza has questioned where we will take the signatures and the legality of the exercise. We do not expect them to understand; they don’t understand the people’s power as of now, but with time they will do,” he said.

Odinga further accused President William Ruto of deliberate attempts to make life unbearable to the majority of Kenyans and said the weekly anti-government protests which kicked off last week will go on countrywide.

“Kamukunji will not be confined to Nairobi. It will be everywhere Kenyans gather in the name of justice,” he said.