Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga
National News

Petitioner wants Raila and Uhuru barred from holding anti-government protests.

A petitioner has filed a case against Raila Odinga, former President Uhuru Kenyatta, and Azimio political party regarding their involvement in anti-government protests.

Through lawyer Adrian Kamotho, Martin Gitau is seeking a court order to prohibit the respondents from engaging in any form of demonstration.

Additionally, the petitioner is requesting the court to restrain the political parties from distributing or allocating any portion of the Political Parties Fund to the involved parties.


“Pending the hearing and determination of the Application and Petition herein inter parties the Honourable Court be pleased to issue a temporary order restraining the Respondents, their agents, servants, supporters and/or any person whatsoever from holding violent protests, barricading roads, destroying critical infrastructure, disrupting the lives of non-demonstrators or in any manner using the subsisting democratic space to destroy property, intimidate disinterested persons or to loot business premises,” reads the court papers.

According to the petitioner, the protests orchestrated by the respondents have resulted in severe disruptions across various areas. The petitioner alleges that these disturbances have caused a complete standstill in businesses, paralyzed the transport system, and even interrupted emergency services and as a result, the struggling economy has been adversely affected.