Siaya Senator James Orengo speaking when he officiated the commemoration of International Widows Day 2022. PHOTO| COURTESY

“Stop issuing threats and address Kenya’s problems”, Orengo tells Ruto

Siaya Governor James Orengo has called upon President Ruto to cease his use of threats against the opposition and instead focus on finding effective solutions to the challenges plaguing Kenya.

Orengo emphasized that throughout Kenya’s history, threats have been employed by numerous regimes, but they have constantly failed to address the underlying issues.

“Jomo Kenyatta and Moi would threaten people…we want to tell Ruto that there is no need of threatening people, if there is a problem, let us solve it,” Orengo said during a Sunday service in Ugunja.


Governor Orengo presented the argument that the ongoing anti-government demonstrations no longer revolve around Raila Odinga, but rather stem from the severe economic hardships burdening the Kenyan people.

Orengo urged President Ruto to exhibit empathy and recognize that the cost of living has reached an intolerable level for citizens, which prompted the widespread protests witnessed throughout the country in the previous week.

The governor stressed that President Ruto must rise to the occasion and acknowledge that police brutality, threats, and intimidation are not the appropriate responses to address the grievances of Kenyans. Instead, he called for a more thoughtful approach that addresses the root causes of the issues faced by the populace.