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President Ruto Grants Clemency to 5,061 Petty and Long-Term Offenders

President Ruto exercised his power of mercy and granted clemency to a total of 5,061 offenders in Kenya on July 19, 2023. The pardons were made based on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee on the Power of Mercy.

Among those pardoned, 2,944 were petty offenders, and 2,117 were long-term offenders. As a result of the president’s decision, these individuals will have the unexpired portions of their respective sentences remitted.

The action was taken in accordance with the provisions of the Power of Mercy Act, which grants the president the authority to grant pardons and reduce sentences for certain offenders.


“Two thousand, nine hundred and forty-four petty or minor offenders of good conduct convicted to sentences of six months and below; and two thousand, one hundred and seventeen long term offenders who have sentence balances of six months and below to serve,” reads the notice.

In addition to the pardons mentioned earlier, President William Ruto also extended clemency to 37 other offenders. Among them was former Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) director Davy Koech.

Furthermore, the President took a significant step by commuting the death sentences of capital offenders to life imprisonment. This decision marks a change in the rule, which was softened based on a recommendation from the Advisory Committee on the Power of Mercy which is chaired by Attorney General Justin Muturi.