Good News International Church Preacher Paul Mackenzie in a Malindi court Friday for the mention of a case in which he is accused of using unclassified films to incite children against going to school
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Pastor Mackenzie Dares Court To Kill Him And Throw His Body River Yala

Controversial clergyman Pastor Mackenzie who is currently in custody in relation to the death of more than 400 people within a suspected starvation cult situated in Shakahola, Kilifi County, has expressed strong concerns over what he terms as a breach of his fundamental rights.

During his appearance at the Shanzu Law Courts on Wednesday, Pastor Mackenzie stirred up a scene by raising his voice and shedding tears, saying that not only his own rights but also those of his 15 co-accused counterparts were being transgressed during their detention.

Chanting the slogan “Haki Yetu”, he asserted that the government’s refusal to grant them bail is indicative of an ongoing intention to mistreat them and deny their rights in a harsh manner.

“I have gone for two days without eating and taking a bath because I have been locked 24/7 in a dark room. The authorities are the ones directing that I am treated this way, so I wonder who will save me?” Pastor Mackenzie posed.


The Good News International Church preacher alleges that he is currently facing torture while in detention. He conveyed to the court that he has been confined within a dimly lit chamber, and his requests to be released for some sunlight have been disregarded.

In a stark statement, he expressed a preference for the government to end his life rather than subject him to the ordeal he’s enduring in incarceration.

“If you are tired of us and don’t want to accord us basic dignity you might as well kill us and throw our bodies in River Yala. After all, we are all going to die someday. This court needs to help me because I am suffering,” he said.

The prosecution has formally requested an extension of 47 days for the preacher’s detention, citing the need to finalize ongoing investigations. The court is scheduled to deliver its decision on this request from the prosecution on Thursday.

The grim tally from the suspected cult includes the confirmed deaths of over 425 people, while an additional 600 remain unaccounted for.