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President Ruto To Corrupt Leaders: Change or Leave Kenya

President Ruto on Thursday reaffirmed his unwavering dedication to eliminating all avenues of corruption within his administration stressing his determination to honor his pledges to the people of Kenya.

Addressing the crowd during the ceremonial placement of the cornerstone for the Anglican Church Grand Cathedral in Kiambu Town, President Ruto emphatically declared that his government will not tolerate the presence of corrupt public officials, stating that those who fail to reform and continue engaging in corrupt practices should expect to be dismissed from their roles.

“I want to tell those corrupt people it is either they change or leave the country because we will not allow that,” he said.

The President made it clear that he will have zero tolerance for leaders who exploit the mandate granted to them by the Kenyan electorate and mismanage taxpayer funds.

“I was given the sword, the constitution and even the anointing. This sword is to slash those corrupt individuals. I will not spare them,” the President said.

“Let everyone pay their taxes, and when you do, please question me, because you are the ones who have asked.”

This comes in the context of the president’s urging for his cabinet members to demonstrate unwavering commitment and ethical conduct in order to contribute to his ambitious vision of improving the lives of Kenyan citizens.

In his address to the audience at State House during the ceremony of signing performance contracts on August 1, President Ruto expressed his resolute determination to break the cycle of unkept promises and put an end to the historical pattern of leaders involved in corrupt practices.

He stated that for far too long, leaders have exploited their positions of authority and influence to make deceptive commitments to the Kenyan people, utilizing them as channels to channel funds for personal enrichment.

“I have had a heart-to-heart discussion with my cabinet I want to do the same with the rest of government bureaucracy from PSs on to directors. It will not be business as usual. I made a commitment to the people of Kenya that there will be no money to steal. There is only money to deliver on the projects and aspirations of Kenyans,” the President added.

“We cannot afford to see where this road will lead because it has already brought us to a very terrible place. It is time to end this once and for all and I promise you it come to an end.”