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Russia Imposes $32,000 Fine On Google Over Videos On Ukraine Conflict

A Russian court on Thursday levied a fine of $32,000 against Google for its failure to remove purportedly inaccurate details on the Ukraine conflict.

The decision by a magistrate’s court mirrors earlier actions taken in early August against Apple and the Wikimedia Foundation, responsible for hosting Wikipedia.

Reports from Russian news outlets indicate that the court determined You Tube, a platform under Google’s ownership, was in violation for retaining videos containing erroneous content regarding the conflict, an event that Russia designates as a “Special military operation.”

Google was also deemed culpable for retaining videos that provided instructions on accessing facilities restricted to individuals below a certain age, although the nature of these facilities was not explicitly mentioned by news agencies.

In the Russian legal system, magistrate courts usually address administrative breaches and minor criminal cases.

Since its deployment of troops into Ukraine in February 2022, Russia has implemented various measures to suppress any dissent or skepticism regarding the military operation.

Certain critics have faced substantial penalties. Opposition figure Vladimir Kara-Murza, for example, was sentenced this year to a 25-year prison term for charges of treason arising from his speeches condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine.