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California Shooting: Three Dead, Scores Injured

California Shooting: A tragic incident unfolded in California, USA on Wednesday, as a lone gunman opened fire at a bar, resulting in the death of three people and injuring scores.

Deputies have confirmed that the shooter was also fatally wounded during the incident, seemingly due to an intervention by the law enforcers.

“Confirmed 4 deceased at scene, inc. the shooter,” the Orange County Sheriff said on social media. “6 transported to hospitals, 5 reported (with) gunshot wounds. Officer-involved shooting occurred during the incident. No deputies injured.”

The shooting occurred at Cook’s Corner bar, a well-liked establishment among bikers, situated approximately 72 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles.

According to information from sources reported by the Orange County Register, the incident seems to have been triggered by a domestic dispute.

It has come to light that the gunman was a former law enforcement officer as reported by the same paper.

A man who was interviewed by the media shared that he had acquaintances within the bar who fortunately remained unhurt.

“They are upset, of course. They were right next to the shooter. They said it’s an older man with a gray beard,” he told the news outlet.