Former Agriculture CS in a previous press briefing.
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Arror and Kimwarer Case: Peter Munya Dropped As Witness

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has been dropped from being a witness in the Arror and Kimwarer case, as the prosecution’s attempts to have him testify in the Ksh. 63 billion corruption scandal were unsuccessful.

Initially expected to provide testimony against former CS Henry Rotich and other defendants, Munya’s role as a witness has been revoked. Earlier this week, a warrant for Munya’s arrest was issued when he failed to appear in court for his scheduled testimony.


Munya appeared in court on Thursday, August 31, but upon taking the stand, the prosecution requested an adjournment, citing their lack of readiness. The magistrate refused to postpone the proceedings and the prosecution chose to drop Munya as a witness.

The presiding magistrate sternly cautioned against any attempts to obstruct the case or fail to produce witnesses, asserting his resolve to employ his authority and hold parties accountable for contempt of court.