Russia's Wagner mercenary group Yevgeny Prigozhin as he addresses the camera at an undisclosed location. PHOTO| AFP
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Yevgeny Prigozhin Spoke About His Security

Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin addressed concerns surrounding his health and potential security risks in a video that has surfaced online.

“For those who are discussing whether I’m alive or not, how I’m doing-right now it’s the weekend of the second half of August 2023, and I’m in Africa,” Prigozhin says in the short video published by the Grey Zone Telegram channel, which is linked to his Wagner group.

“So for people who like to discuss wiping me out, my private life, how much I earn, or whatever else-everything’s ok,” he adds with a wave of his hand.

Reuters was unable to independently confirm the video’s location and date due to its being recorded from within a moving vehicle. The attire worn by Prigozhin, including his camouflage clothing, hat, and wristwatch on his right hand, closely resembled his appearance in a previous video from August 21st, which was recorded in Africa.


By mentioning his “weekend”, Prigozhin indirectly suggested that the most recent video was likely created on either August 19th or 20th, a mere three to four days prior to the tragic plane crash that claimed his life, along with the lives of other prominent figures from Wagner and their bodyguards. The crash occurred north of Moscow on August 23rd.

The remarks made by Prigozhin in the video indicated his acute awareness of the dangers surrounding his life.

While his Wagner group had been actively involved in Russia’s engagement in the Ukraine conflict, Prigozhin remained a vocal critic of the defense establishment. He notably led a short-lived mutiny in late June.

The Kremlin forcefully denied any allegations that President Vladimir Putin orchestrated Prigozhin’s demise as an act of retribution. Nonetheless, the crash investigation is exploring the potential for foul play.

Prigozhin was laid to rest at the Porokhovskoye cemetry in his hometown of St. Petersburg on Tuesday.