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CS Kindiki’s Insights on Meru-Tharaka Nithi Border Disputes

The Senate Cohesion Committee witnessed the appearance of Interior CS, Kithure Kindiki on Thursday, shedding light on the persistent Meru-Tharaka Nithi border disputes.

CS Kindiki contended that the root of this issue could be traced back to a disturbing trend of land appropriation and the fraudulent issuance of title deeds by unscrupulous public officials.

“All those who have wrongfully acquired land in the border regions of Tharaka Nithi and Meru counties through the exploitation of corruption within land offices and unethical leadership, manipulating their influence within the government to perpetrate injustice and social unrest, will find themselves dispossessed,” asserted the CS.

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He also highlighted the challenge of double titling of land parcels, a factor exacerbating the ongoing violence.

Additionally, CS Kindiki pointed out the detrimental role played by politicians from both counties in escalating tensions.

“In the 21st century, we cannot continue to resort to confrontational politics and physical aggression. It’s imperative that we put an end to such practices,” he said.

He observed that certain politicians have veered toward inciting communities towards violence instead of adopting innovative strategies to garner support.

CS Kindiki also assured the committee that the government is prepared to furnish an official map delineating the boundaries of the two counties, thereby resolving overlapping jurisdictions and fostering enduring peace in the region.

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“I assure you that we are committed to delivering peace to this region and ensuring that every individual receives their rightful entitlements without feeling oppressed,” he concluded.

The historical border disputes between Meru and Tharaka Nithi counties have persisted over several years, with ongoing efforts by both the government and local leaders to secure a peaceful and equitable resolution.