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“It Was Just Sacarsm,” Boni Khalwale On Moses Kuria’s Apology

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has dismissed Moses Kuria’s apology as disingenous.Amid widespread public outcry over the soaring fuel costs, CS Kuria stated that Kenyans should brace themselves for even higher prices at the pump in the coming months.

He went further, suggesting that fuel prices would increase by at least Ksh. 10 every month until February of the following year, and he admonished those who voiced complaints, telling them to dig their own wells.

Khalwale and DP Rigathi Gachagua were among those who criticized Kuria’s remarks, cautioning him and other leaders against addressing Kenyans with arrogance.

In a seemingly tongue-in-cheek social media post on Wednesday, CS Kuria walked back his earlier statements, stating, “I am made to now understand that the price will come down. I apologize profusely since to err is human.

He also mentioned having been advised by individuals like Boni Khalwale and his master that his previous statement was incorrect, insensitive, and arrogant.

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In response to CS Kuria’s remarks, Senator Khalwale expressed skepticism, asserting that the minister’s apology was insincere and laced with sarcasm. Khalwale questioned the intended recipients of the apology and remarked that he would only consider accepting it if he received a genuine one.

Analyzing Kuria’s statement, Khalwale pointed out that the tone throughout the tweet was condescending, rendering the apology void. He emphasized that the use of phrases like “people like” and “his master” indicated sarcasm and criticized Kuria’s early suggestion that Kenyans should drill their own oil wells as an act of arrogance.

Khalwale indirectly criticized CS Kuria by asserting that he owed his position to Kenyans and those who facilitated his appointment after failing to secure the Kiambu gubernatorial seat in the 2022 General Elections. He argued that leaders who were given opportunities by the electorate should be accountable to them.

Senator Khalwale concluded by affirming his commitment to holding leaders accountable for their actions, underscoring that he would not hesitate to speak out against those who had failed to fulfill their duties.